How to Protect Denim Pants

According to research, every woman seems to have at least 7 pairs of jeans. I am sure that this is more than for Turkey. As more than 50% are more durable, more than 70% prefer jean pants because they look more elegant than others. This means that the jean trousers, which are worn in any way, should last longer. We have prepared the ways to protect your Primary Denim pants.

Denim Pantolon Yıkama Talimatı

Denim trousers are now considered a dress-and-go option when completing an outfit or any season of the year. We wear our jeans and don't want to take it as long as we can. This means that the service life of the jeans should be long. There are some ways to keep your jeans fit and the way you feel, we recommend that you carefully prepare them for your design and apply them to your super skinny, skinny, slim fit and regular jeans.

Denim Pantolon Yıkama Talimatı

First, you should wear your denim pants as long as possible before the first wash. This helps the jeans to be fully adapted to your measurements and to be maintained as they should. As with other clothing, we recommend that you wash your jeans rarely as a denim specialist rather than washing them every time you use them. Very often washing will damage your jeans as well as the color will change as time passes. If your pants are stained, you can clean a small area with a sponge. Or, if you think that its smell is uncomfortable, you can ventilate the hanging or use a fabric scent to relax.

Denim Pantolon Yıkama Talimatı

If you keep your jeans in the wardrobe, it may be inconvenient to use a clip-on hanger. These hangers may leave permanent marks on the waist and even cause deformation after a while. Instead, fold your jeans and place them on the shelves, or use the S-shaped belt straps that you can use by passing the belt strap. Thus, you can protect your jeans form and keep you from aging.

Depending on the technique you use to wash, your jean pants may fade shorter than they should be. In fact, a technique that most of them do not know is to wash the jeans in reverse. If you don't want the color to pass to other clothes as well as to prevent fading, reverse washing will be the solution. This technique also prevents damage to the jeans. It prevents the buttons from breaking or pinching in the washing machine.

It is possible that the elastane, which is one of the materials in the pants, may wear out quickly, so it should not be washed over 30 degrees. This instruction is also indicated in the wash instruction in the pants. You should remove the jeans from the other clothing and wash them for more than 5 times. It will be useful if you think that it is possible to wash the colors as close together as possible and to have a color transition if you wash them in reverse. You can even take the coated jeans to a professional dry cleaning shop where possible.

  Denim Pantolon Yıkama Talimatı

There are also unusual jeans protection recommendations. For example, you can fold your denim trousers, put them in a bag and keep them in the freezer and refresh them until the next time. We recommend that you check that only the pockets are empty.

It may be difficult to check that your denim trousers are not distorted, the color does not fade when drying your design trousers. Sometimes you may lose the first image you want. In order to prevent this, you must complete the washing process without washing the pants. It is the right method to dry the washing machines in the fresh air by using the spin speed at the lowest. So you don't have to deal with pants that are completely dry and lose their form due to the squeezing of the washing machine. Do not expose to direct sunlight, this will cause the color to fade. Do not use radiators or infrared heaters, as the denim fabric is sensitive, the surface may become hard, making it impossible to use.

Do not iron after your denim pants dry. The jeans that are ironed are never the same and you may need to iron them every time. You'll see that when you wear it, wrinkles are gone because you dry them with the methods mentioned above. As indicated in the washing instructions, follow the instructions to avoid damaging the elastane of the jeans. Finally, if you want to forward the tips of protecting your jeans, you can send them by clicking here.